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Zach Bergeron | CrossFit Coach

I became a CrossFit trainer three years ago after being blown away by what it had done for my own fitness and how infinitely scalable it can be for all ages and health conditions.

Additionally, I’ve coached every youth sport my kids have been involved with here in Andover: I’ve really enjoyed engaging with kids of all abilities; both the kids who may one day be scholarship athletes and those who love the game, but may lack the athleticism. Don’t be fooled by my signature dance moves or my developing stand-up routine, I take your fitness very seriously.  My M.O. is to educate and encourage you in the direction of your goals. 

Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is multi-faceted, but perhaps that’s why I’m so passionate it about it.

  • I didn’t grow up a star athlete… I’ll admit it, my height has been wasted on me. That said, I lived for seeing what I was capable of, working up a sweat and the camaraderie of sports. I coach because I know that working out can be a tremendous stress-reliever/therapy and proof that our bodies and minds can continuously improve.

  • I’ve witnessed several members of my extended family be stricken with diseases that were the result of a poor diet or fall victim to an injury that may have been preventable had their body’s been healthy enough to begin with. I coach because I want to encourage those who don’t accept that their age defines them; that they are meant to live a life in motion.

  • Lastly, in watching my kids and their friends grow, I’m amazed by the natural ability and curiosity of our youth. I coach to help foster a lifelong love and hunger for health, fitness and sport.

Getting to know Zach Bergeron

Methuen, Massachusetts

My wife, Kristin, my kiddos, Ben and Charlotte, and my pup, Gryffin.

I went to Methuen High where I warmed the bench in various sports. From there, I studied engineering at UMass Lowell where, although not talented enough to make a college team, I fell in love with running and the weight room.

My Nana always told me to ‘be good’…so simple and yet so powerful. Who wants to disappoint their grandmother?

Step Brothers: if it’s on TBS, I’m watching.

I go protein and double-veggie at all meals… I also go through a jar of peanut butter every few days.

Psionic ability to control the weather…but only cause my one of my biggest pet peeves is people complaining about rain, snow, wind, the heat, the humidity, etc.

The imbalance and access to health, nutrition, education, wealth and power.

A variety of ways depending on the need: working out, trail-running, quick nap…I do a ton of audiobooks too.

I didn’t get my passport until my 30’s and since then I’ve only been to Toronto for work not pleasure; I’m game for travelling just about anywhere.

The potential of our youth.

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”
– John Wooden

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