The. Geared towards beginners, this class designed to follow a slow flow that promotes a gentle elongation of muscles “stretching” and strengthen your entire body.  Focus on breath to release tension all over.  LEVEL 1+

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Vinyasa Flow

A repetitive flow class designed to cultivate inner strength, power and flexibility with sequences involving standing and seated postures with a strong focus on the power of breath to movement.  LEVEL 2+

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Yoga Sculpt

A faster pace yoga class, caters to an athlete’s need for a “workout” as we combine light free weights with Vinyasa sequences to drive the heart rate up while bumping to music.  LEVEL 3

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Level 1+:  Geared towards beginners but suitable for all levels. 

Level 2+: Suitable for all levels but geared towards intermediate. 

Level 3+:  Faster paced yoga class, caters to an athlete’s need for a “workout”.

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Our levels are just a guideline!  We promise our instructors will make you feel at home and comfortable in whichever class you choose, as modifications are always offered.  If you are new to the yoga practice or specific class, be sure to come to class 10 minutes early to get yourself set up and speak with your instructor. 

HEATED CLASSES:  Be sure to check our schedule for classes include a heated environment of a temperature between 70-76 degrees. 

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