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We are each one decision away from changing the rest of our lives.

Habits are decisions that we make so frequently that we no longer think about
them, and our lives change when our habits change.

Our services are highly individualized and holistic, combining nutritional science with psychological concepts like goal-setting, gradual behavior change, and achievement motivation — all to help our clients achieve sustainable improvements in body composition, performance, sleep, and stress management.

We are a team of certified, professional, and compassionate nutrition, wellness, and mental performance coaches, led by Director of Health & Wellness Katie Boshko, MS, CF-L3. With many options and levels available for nutrition and mental coaching, there is a fit for every budget and goal—non-members and remote clients are welcome!

Do you want to:

Learn how to fuel your body for performance and daily life, without weighing and measuring your food or counting macros?

Improve your sleep and ability to cope with stressors?

Dial in your protein, water, and overall intake?

Explore how to “eat more, less processed” foods and beverages… and enjoy it?

Prepare healthy, nourishing, and satisfying meals and snacks for you and your family?

Develop new and sustainable habits for an overall improvement in body composition and and wellness?

Make new connections and friends at Spark?


A motivating goal setting session that sheds light on where you want to go & gets you started on your journey here at SPARK.
Meet with a trained Wellness Coach to learn about resources and services that are available to support you. Leave confident and excited to become who you want to be.
(*Available to all members.)

Ready to get started?

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals.