Tracy Grygiel | Fitness Coach

Tracy has been teaching fitness classes for over 20 years. Her favorite classes to teach are muscle conditioning and SPIN  because they stress functional exercises that can be taught to any age and at all levels.

Coaching Philosophy:

Her teaching style focuses on fun and inclusiveness. She fosters an environment where “everyone belongs” and should be having fun along the way. Her mission is to help make fitness and workout more affirming and accessible to all bodies. Providing classes that challenges a college athlete the same way it would challenge an 80 year old through similar types of exercises via varying speed, range of motion and level of coordination.

Getting to know Tracy Grygiel

(I’d rather skip – too many deaths lately)  I rescue animals.  I currently have 3 dogs (Cupcake, Finn, and Quinn) and 3 cats (Dolly, Donny, and Dave Meowthews).

U-Mass Dartmouth – Undergrad.
Harvard University – Graduate.

No (too shy).

Always treat people with kindness, you never know.

Napping with my dogs.

A beach with pink-white sands and crystal blue water. I wouldn’t do much of anything. 🙂

My dad. He was Marine, a police officer and my saving grace. He’s been through hell and back and yet manages to lead the family fearlessly.

Practice like you’ve never won; Perform like you’ve never lost.”

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