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Andover CrossFit provides several tools to equip our members to better track and improve their fitness.


Is the online program that Spark uses as our overall membership platform and allows you to sign up for classes, see CrossFit class schedules, and view overall programs included in your membership. ACF memberships are tracked through MindBody so we kindly ask our members to sign into for their chosen class ahead of time.


Allows you to track your progress in class, see upcoming WODs, fist bump your friends, among many other things that help you to further improve your health and fitness. You don’t want to ignore this step and you want to log your results after each class so your coaches can keep an eye on your progress and make sure you are moving toward your goals! You will also be able to see ALL premium class programming (Spark Sweat, Fit4Life, Tennis S&C, etc).

The workouts are released at 8pm the night before and it will give you notification right to your phone so you can look at it. SugarWod is a really cool resource so make sure you play around on it to see what it offers. This is all FREE to you.


MindBody is the software Spark Fitness & Tennis Club uses to manage athlete accounts. Access Mindbody by clicking here.

You can use MindBody to:

  • Register for an account and sign Spark’s waiver.

  • Register for an account and sign Spark’s waiver.

  • Review and update membership and payment information.

  • View class schedules and sign up for our courses.

  • Sign your kids up for children’s/student athlete classes.

  • Purchase punch cards, clothing, specialty classes, and more.

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SugarWOD is a workout tracking tool designed by CrossFitters for CrossFitters. Andover CrossFit provides you with a free membership to SugarWOD. Find the SugarWOD App for iOS and Android, or access it online here.

Benefits of using SugarWOD include:

  • View today’s WOD and weightlifting programming.

  • Log your daily workouts.
  • Track your weight, measurements, and progress.
  • Analyze your fitness: Graphs, history, and more.
  • Compete with yourself and your friends!
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