Spark Fitness & Tennis Club Terms & Conditions

To ensure our facilities are used safely and responsibly, members of Spark Fitness & Tennis Club and their guests must comply with club rules as well as our terms and conditions.


All memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. Entry to Spark Fitness & Tennis Club will only be permitted to those with a valid and paid-in-full membership.

Members of Spark Fitness & Tennis Club must be 13 years of age or older. Any Junior Tennis or Andover CrossFit Kids participant under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We may close a section of the facility at any time for maintenance, work or updates without providing full or partial refunds to members. We may change or vary our opening hours as needed, and will keep members informed of these changes via our Facebook page and email.

All members exercise at their own discretion and will accept any injury or illness brought on by exercise or use of the facility as their own responsibility.

Spark Fitness & Tennis Club is a privately-owned company and we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone at any time without cause. By joining Spark Fitness & Tennis Club, members accept and agree to our rules and terms and conditions. In the event of a breach of our rules and terms and conditions, we reserve the right to require any member or guest to leave the property. Any member who participates in illegal activities — including theft — will be barred from the premises and have their membership revoked without refund.

Membership Payment

Members can sign up with our staff or online at Monthly dues will be automatically collected and debited from the member’s bank account once a month on the date of the membership agreement. If at any point we are unable to collect membership fees from a current member, that member will not be allowed to use the facility until the account is brought into good standing.

Current members are unable to take advantage of future promotions and sales for new members. A new member is someone who has never been a member of Spark Fitness & Tennis Club.


Members may bring non-member guests into the facility for a per-class fee, as outlined below.

  • $10 per day for general fitness
  • $15 per GroupEx class
  • $20 per CrossFit or Spark Sweat class


Members can rent on-site lockers for $15 per month. Fees will be auto-withdrawn monthly with membership fees.

Canceling Your Membership

Members looking to cancel their membership must provide the request in writing and must provide 2 weeks’ notice.

Members looking to put their membership on a temporary hold can do so once per calendar year, and should inquire with Spark staff for details.

Privacy Policy

We collect personal information for club memberships, including but not limited to your name, address, email address, phone number and financial information for payment. We will never sell, disclose or give your information to any other company or business for any reason.