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Strict nutrition guidelines & meal prep lessons that will get results

Weekly virtual meeting with coaches to navigate challenges.

Personal communication and check-in’s with your coach

Fitness tracks for different goals and customized to different athletes (Beginner, Intermediate & Experienced)

GO TIME:  May 16th – June 20th.

What will you get:

  • Education on how to fuel your body
  • Reset your body by eliminating foods that cause inflammation
  • Guidelines on how to live a diet-free life and maintain results
  • Workouts that work for your fitness level and personal goals
  • Education on and practice of mindfulness
  • Private Facebook group for direction, support, coach communication, etc
  • Weekly challenges to keep you motivated
  • Body composition changes
  • New healthy recipes that can change your life
  • Goals setting and guidance
  • Support from others
  • Meal plan guidelines & ideas
  • Accountability
  • Results
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FIRST STEP: We will meet you where you’re at!

What is your current fitness level:

  1. Beginner: New to fitness or I have not exercised in more than 6-12 months
  2. Intermediate:  I workout 1-3x/week but not consistent & lack motivation
  3. Experience: I have to workout 3+/week but my eating is out of control and I feel at a loss

SECOND STEP: See your fitness track that your coach will assign you:

Beginner/Intermediate: 3x a week FITNESS + Yoga & Walking  Experienced: 5x + Yoga

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THIRD STEP:  Commitment Level.  Are you ready for Change?
WILL YOU commit to movement even when you don’t feel like it? 

WILL YOU commit to changing unhealthy patterns? 

WILL YOU hydrate your body daily with at least 2L of water? 

WILL YOU embrace change, knowing that CHANGE IS HARD! 

WILL YOU find patience and trust the process?

WILL YOU have support around you? 

WILL YOU know there will be good days & bad days and it is important to embrace both, having no shame or self sabotage on the bad days and being proud on the good day? 

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FOURTH STEP:  Cost & Commit.

$99 Basic Package
Includes all listed above


$199 Accountability Package

Includes all that is listed above PLUS…

  • Daily check in with coach via text
  • My fitness pal tracking with coach monitoring
  • Personalized workouts based on goals.  Will work around injuries and equipment at home, etc
  • 1x/week Zoom personal training session with your coach

LAST STEP: Get your friends & family from all over involved! 

This is not just for our SPARK members!  The more accountability you have and support, the more success you will have.  Get your best friends, family and co-workers involved!

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Ready to get started?

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals.