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January 3rd – February 28th (9 weeks)

Virtual Kickoff Meeting: Sunday, January 3rd

If there is anything that 2020 has taught us is that we NEED each other to be fully alive and thriving.  The best is yet to come, so let’s set the tone for 2021 by investing in ourselves in the best way possible.  Let us help you create structures and systems in your life that are sustainable for GROWTH.  Let’s SPARK LIFE together and allow you to allow you to reach your goals, no matter what they are:

  • Want weight loss?
  • Want to create a mindset that is a better healthier place to live?
  • Want to be able to move and feel comfortable in your own skin?
  • Do you have a birthday this year that you want to get in the best shape of your life for? 

All of these are valid reasons to let US jump start your journey.  This 9 weeks of accountability will teach you how to fish for yourself.  We walk with you until you can run on your own.  We are guides on your quest for personal freedom physically, mentally, and emotionally!  See you in 2021!  

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What does the SPARKFIT CHALLENGE 2021 consist of:

  • Lessons on how to navigate 2021, manage stress, create new healthy habits (physical and emotional) and learn how to THRIVE!
  • 1 ON 1 time to create a fitness and nutrition game plan with one of our coaches
  • Resources to create a total health & wellness track custom made for YOU!
  • Introduction questionnaire to gauge current status so we can set vision for future changes
  • Baseline measurements and option to have body composition assessment (HIGHLY recommend:  $25/scan)
  • Bi-weekly Educational Meet-ups ALL VIRTUAL with 30 minute educational meeting and 30 minute sweat session.
  • Access to private track in SugarWOD with daily accountability and education from wellness coaches
  • Weekly mental and physical challenges
  • Unlimited access to Sweat/Adult S&C classes or any Group Exercise classes if attending the gym.  Unlimited access to our virtual live classes and on demand library if doing the challenge virtually.
  • Weekly check in with accountability coach and bi-weekly face to face meetings with coach.  
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“When I signed up for the SparkFit Challenge in May, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work with COVID-19 happening.  But with the help and support of Kelli, Colette and Brandon, I have had great success (losing 14 pounds in 6 weeks!).  They care very much about their clients and encouraged me every step of the way.  The nutritional aspect they suggested was perfect for me and once the outdoor classes began I was already ahead of the plan.  They constantly motivated me to eat healthier and workout harder.  I have lost weight and gained muscle.  My tennis and golf games have improved as a direct result of my efforts in the gym.  I greatly appreciate all the Spark trainer have done for me and I highly recommend them and this challenge to help you kickstart you towards achieving your goals.”  Donna

SPARKFIT CHALLENGE 2021 PRICE  (Varies based on membership)

New members:  $450 ($50/week)

General Members: $371 ($41/week)

Group Ex Members: $332 ($37/week)

Premium/Unlimited Members:  $270 ($30/week)

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