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SparkFIT “Summer Slim Down” Challenge

Kick Off Meeting: Sunday, August 15th

Challenge Length: 6 weeks

Price: $299 New/General/Group Ex Members

Existing Premium Members: $150

What will you get:

  • 6 Week Unlimited Access to Spark Premium and Group Ex classes and general fitness access ($299 Value)
  • Your own personal coach to hold you accountable, guide you, and push you the entire 6 weeks!  (Priceless!)
  • 2 Premium Fitness Consultation (before challenge begins & wraps up) with a 4 week express check in ($78 value)
  • 6 Small Group Personal Training sessions with your coach and your team ($350 VALUE)
  • Nutrition guidelines and accountability!  Choose a nutritional path that works for your life!  ($200 value)
  • Home & Travel Workout Guides
  • Team accountability
  • Facebook private group for education & motivation
  • A WINNER!  By making this a fun team competition, your will to show up for your teammates will make you move mountains and best of all, make everyone proud.
  • Upgrade your package to include additional 1x/week 40 min personal training session with your coach to work strength or other weaknesses ($150 upgrade) 
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How will this be different than other challenges:

Become part of a SPARKFIT team that shows up for each other EVERY WEEK!  Be coached by a professional who knows you, your goals, your obstacles and believes in you.  Get the nutrition guidance or plan that works for you and your lifestyle.  Learn how to make healthy choices rather than make excuses.  Each challenger will get unlimited access to premium classes, access to your own coach for guidance and accountability, and a comprehensive booklet that outlines personal goals, starting measurements, weekly affirmation schedule, nutrition, and logs your attendance.  This book will also include at home workouts, travel workouts, general health and wellness guidelines that will get you living your best life.  

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