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Nicole Cadorette| Performance and CrossFit Coach

My passion is people. And I love helping people achieve their goals.

I have had the pleasure of coaching all age groups and skill levels, from kids and teens, to adults and competitive athletes.

Coaching Philosophy:

I believe sport has the ability to change lives. As a coach, I love helping people accomplish things they never thought were possible both inside and outside the walls of a gym. My goal is to be a source of positivity, motivation and support while members work towards becoming the best version of themselves. I love seeing the transformation that occurs through the process.

Getting to know Nicole Cadorette

Gemini – to the T.

Nashua, New Hampshire.

I have 2 younger brothers, stepmom and Dad. My friends are my family too.

I went to the University of New Hampshire – didn’t play sports but stayed super active. I went to Nashua High School North and was on the Varsity Lacrosse and Cheerleading teams all 4 years.

Always live your life with integrity. This means doing the right thing even if no one is watching. Pick up the trash on the street. Hold the door for strangers. Stick up for people who are too afraid to themselves. Have empathy. Call a friend in need. Whatever it is. Always do the right thing (without putting it on social media to prove it.)

Not sure on a movie but I could watch “Friends” on repeat. I do that now anyway. 😊

Ice cream. Not halo top. The real deal.

Apparition – If you’re a Harry Potter fan you know. AKA teleportation.

No one had skin colors, instead we would all be blue (da ba de da ba di).

Take Phoebe for walks with no distractions/phone, read.

I’d love to see the great barrier reef before it’s gone. Snorkeling. Explore. Hike. Eat good food. Have good drinks. Meet new people. Take advantage of a new culture and do as much as possible in 24 hours.

People who rise up regardless of the circumstances life may has given them.

How you do anything is how you do everything.“

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