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By focusing on moving joints both independently AND THEN simultaneously, you create functional movement patterns.  By moving a joint to its full end range of motion, you create healthy connective tissue, you assist in recovery time and decrease risk of injury through proper mechanics.  This class will help correct poor movement patterns and imbalances and teach you so much about your body and how it moves.

Joint by joint approach to mobility and movement patterns to ensure all cylinders are firing properly to ensure optimal health and restorative balance.  

Class Length:
45 minutes.

Getting in shape isn’t just about making gains. It’s also about taking time to ensure you’re treating your body well.

This class is designed to help athletes synergize their competitive mindset and high-quality movements to create homeostasis between their mind and body. Through improving breathing, core strength, range of motion, coordination and kinesthetic awareness, this class will help athletes gain more control over their body.

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