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Liri Rivera | Zumba Instructor

Liri Rivera has been a Zumba instructor since 2014. She is currently licensed to teach Zumba and Zumba Toning.

She fell in love with Zumba instantly when she attended her first class many years ago. She decided to become an instructor in order to inspire and motivate others. Her classes are ener-getic and judgment free.

Coaching Philosophy:

She says that “the best part about Zumba is that you are having so much fun you forget is a work out! Anyone can do it, there is no right size, age or fitness level everyone is welcomed”. She loves teaching and meeting new people.

Getting to know Liri Rivera

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for the first 12 years. I moved to Haverhill, MA when I was 12.

Not sure what this question is LOL I think this is asking about Family members? Mom, Dad, 2 big brothers.

High School – Haverhill
Undergrad – Umass Lowell
Currently attending SNHU for MBA with a concentration in accounting.

Tennis in HS.

Just because other people are doing something doesn’t mean you should too. Stay true to your values.

No idea where I read this but “Break out of shell! But, save the pieces just in case”.

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