• Leigha Maciel, Spark Fitness, Andover MA
  • Leigha Maciel, Spark Fitness, Andover MA
  • Leigha Maciel, Spark Fitness, Andover MA
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Leigha Maciel | CrossFit Coach

Born and raised in Melrose MA. I was a national gymnast through high school. A Boston College psychology graduate I started coaching gymnastics and working with troubled children.

My desire to coach and make people better at what they are passionate about outgrew my desire to work within my field. I found a coaching job working for an all-inclusive resort around the world in Club Med. I started coaching and performing flying trapeze and aerial arts to children and adults. 

Moving back to the states after the birth of my daughter Isabella, I started into CrossFit looking for something to get my body back into shape. The competition and family community/lifestyle fit perfectly into my life and I fell in love. Two years later I had the itch to coach again and CrossFit was the perfect match. 

I am a certified L2 and CrossFit gymnastics coach.

Coaching Philosophy:

Not many people get to see themselves accomplish something, either big or small, on the daily. When I see people reaching goals and doing things they never thought they would it gives me as a coach and then as an athlete a huge sense of accomplishment that makes their day a little more positive. This, I think, is that Crossfit means and brings to me.

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