• Kelli Vossler, Spark Fitness, Andover Ma
  • Kelli Vossler, Spark Fitness, Andover Ma
  • Kelli Vossler, Spark Fitness, Andover Ma
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Kelli Vossler | Director of Fitness

My passion for coaching started early in life. By 7th grade, I was fully immersed in ice hockey and worked very hard to develop my skill set to become a successful player that flourished during my four years at Utica College. Time spent on the ice and in the weight room created a powerful drive within me. After my last collegiate game, I was beginning to peak athletically and at the same time, finding my rhythm as a mentor and coach.

I had the drive to take all the passion, knowledge, and skill I obtained to become the coach and mentor that I always wanted and desired as a young female. With that focus in mind, I began looking for opportunities. In 2009, the chance to take a full-time coaching position arrived. The job consisted of coaching the elite girls’ hockey team and running the strength and conditioning program at National Sports Academy in Lake Placid, NY.

For the next nine years, I thrived in the competitive girl’s ice hockey scene across multiple programs. Year after year, I helped catapult many young female players down the path of success in college and beyond (some of whom recently won gold in the 2018 Olympics) while traveling the world.

Coaching Philosophy:

I am committed to bringing a positive energy to the floor and am passionate about getting to know athletes. As a coach, I pledge is to stimulate positive change within the lives of others by inspiring individuals to be the best version of themselves. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and believe that if you stay strong upstairs, all the rest will follow.

In 2016, I took the lead as Head Coach at CrossFit Amesbury (CFA). The gym was brand new and a beautiful blank canvas. I saw potential in the diversity, community, and the ability for me to help guide people at any level. I truly arrived at the place I had worked so hard to get to, it felt like home again. I was allowed to create programs that would in turn, bring CFA to life and naturally forge a one-of-a-kind community. As in the past, CFA turned into an excellent example of diversity in programming. From new moms to competitive athletes, we made CFA a thriving fitness facility, finding ways to include everyone looking to stay active and healthy.

After three incredible years at CFA anchoring a solid foundation underneath it, I once again started looking for opportunity to grow as a professional. Now at Spark Fitness, I have the opportunity to lead and work with coaches who share the same passion and desire I have: to make everyone who walks through the door a better athlete and human.

Getting to know Kelli Vossler

Aries, babyyyy.

Saranac Lake, NY.

I am the middle child sandwiched between two brothers. My older brother, Jeff, lives in North Carolina with his wife Tessa (my sister from another mister) and my baby niece, Ophelia. Thomas, the baby and best looking of the bunch, lives in Denver, CO. My parents, Carol (the artist) and David (the logger) live in woods of NY still. Danny Cooper is newest of the family and is my handsome finance.

Utica College of Syracuse University (I somehow have a ‘Cuse Degree).

Soccer, Softball and Hockey.

Never be afraid to ask, the worst they can say is no.

Adventures of Babysitting.

Steak and veggies.

Spend time outside…preferably at the beach.

Other boss ladies.

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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