• Katie Tobin, Spark Fitness, Andover MA
  • Katie Tobin, Spark Fitness, Andover MA
  • Katie Tobin, Spark Fitness, Andover MA
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Katie Tobin| Yoga Instructor

Katie had, as she described, ” an on-again, off again” relationship with yoga, for many years. She felt like yoga wasn’t enough of a workout for her; it wasn’t until she started practicing broga® about 5 years ago that she felt as though she had finally found the yoga for her. 

Shortly after discovering broga, she decided to enroll herself in a YTT 200 hour course run by her friend and guru Chuck Raffoni and the creator and co. founder of broga Robert Sidoti. Katie admits that during her training, these men brought her to her knees on more than one occasion. She says that while she was flowing through what felt like her thousandth chaturanga push up, arms shaking, sweat pouring over her, that she discovered what a grueling workout yoga could be. 

Coaching Philosophy:

After teaching the broga® style for a while, she found that she craved a more gentle restorative type of yoga, which lead Katie to get her SPA® certification. She found that SPA yoga offered the gentle flow and hands-on assists that she often craved.

Katie’s goal as an instructor is to strike a balance between that grueling workout that nourishes the body and the mindful, restorative elements that nourish the soul. Her hope is that through their practice, students will discover a sense of balance, both on and off the matt. 

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