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Heidi Cerullo | Personal Trainer

I got certified as a Personal trainer in 2003 after the birth of my daughter. My love for going to the gym got me started. I started training out of Choice Fitness with the company Professionals in Fitness and Nutrition. I worked at Choice for around 2-3 years until a new training company took over.

After leaving Choice Fitness I trained out of my home for the next few years. I also ended up renting space from a business owned by a massage therapist rehabbing in-juries, again as my own boss. In 2013, I was offered a position with Tony Hajjar working at Drive Health and Fit-ness.

During my time at Drive I did personal training, small group training, and bootcamp team challenges. I was also a part of their athletic training and kids train-ing, ages 5-11. In 2015 Drive Health and Fitness changed hands and became Drive Custom Fit where I continued to train until June 2019.

I initially became a personal trainer to help others learn how to lose weight and eat healthy!! As I have continued my journey, I learned how much more it involves. I believe it’s more important for me to help my clients become strong both physically and mentally. It needs to be a lifestyle.

Coaching Philosophy:

Training is more than just breaking a sweat, its about pushing past your comfort zone and realizing your strength within. For me working out is my natural Prozac. Coming from a family history of obesity and de-pression, I have learned how training can help you overcome genetics. You have control of both your physical and mental health. Life is constantly throwing chal-lenges at us, its how we respond that we get thru and become stronger. I enjoy sharing my experience and love for working out with others.

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