Ready for a challenge? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the fastest way to burn fat and get the lean and ripped.

You will be motivated to give an all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short active recovery periods. HIIT workouts build cardiovascular fitness while improving strength, building lean muscle and maximizing calorie burn during and after the workout.

HIIT 30 | 30 min class HIIT 60 | 60 min class

TABATA | Short on time? try this 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training.
20 seconds work | 10 seconds rest for 8 cycles total 4 mins each

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You will achieve a full-body sculpting workout, concentrating on toning the hips, thighs, seat, abdominals, and arms.

This low-impact workout focuses on small movements, light weights, body weight, and isometric exercises that will strengthen your legs, core, and back, while improving your posture and flexibility.

You will work muscle groups to the point of fatigue. Muscles are stretched for relief to create long, lean, supple muscles without bulk!

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Barre Bootcamp (Amped Up Barre!)

High intensity meets low impact in this challenging fitness class that is designed for all levels.

Barre will strengthen and lengthen every muscle in your body by combining elements from traditional yoga, ballet, sports conditioning, Cardio, and CORE intervals.

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A multi muscle strengthening toning class using light to moderate weights giving you a total body workout.

30 minutes, shoulders to toes. Build your core strength and tone your abs, butt, and legs.

Boxing style cardio workout. Punches paired with kicks and different core exercises, including plyometrics and strength training. It will maximize calorie burn and total body training.

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