Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and challenging drills to HEART PUMPING MUSIC with our SPARK INSTRUCTORS to give you a great workout.

New to Cycle?  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to meet your instructor and get set up correctly on the bike!  Our Spinner Shift Bikes are SPD compatible to give you the option to clip in.


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Cycle 55

Our Classic ride takes you through hills, sprints, steep climbs and drills that are sure to challenge you. Get lost in the music as your Instructor pushes you to your best!

55 minute class

Cycle Express

Everything you love about our Cycle55 class condensed to a 30 minute experience. Get ready to go full tilt till the music stops!

30 minute class

Home Court Ride

Our Signature Spark Ride that mixes the road with a unique strength session. This ride is the best of both worlds as it combines your cycle workout with light strength training that will help tone and build muscle. Broken down to three working sets, you’ll ride your way through class and truly give YOURSELF the advantage!

55 minute class

Specialty Rides

Peak Endurance Ride

Tap into your inner road cyclist. This class is a Tour de Spark focusing on your unique performance goals. How far did you ride? What challenge did you crush? Incorporate your max heart rate and fitness goals in a new way with interval training and drills to push you to your best.

1 hour class

Soulful Sunday Ride

Unplug and ride out your frustrations, stress, and any negativity that may linger from your week so you can start a fresh week off with some new energy! This restorative, let it all go ride will get you grounded and give you the Spark you need.

*After the ride, stay for the refreshments and good company!

1 hour class

Come join us for a class!

Come on in and try one of our many amazing classes! The first one is free so you can see how you like it.