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Athletes who are new to CrossFit will have to complete 3 training sessions (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3), which build upon each other.  These fundamental classes are mandatory for all Andover CrossFit members as it is a great introductory to learn the basic foundations of the sport of CrossFit to ensure success. 

CrossFit relies on gymnastics, weightlifting, cardio, and more to help athletes reach their goals. But before setting those goals, we must ensure athletes learn standards and movement patterns to ensure safety.

FREE Beginners On Ramp:
CF Beginners Day 1 and Day 2 are FREE and should give athletes a good idea if CrossFit is for them or not.  D1/D2 classes are on our weekly schedule and we ask that athletes take them in order.  When athletes are ready to move onto Day 3, you must upgrade your membership to premium or unlimited before signing up your last class of beginners.  If CrossFit for Beginners classes times do not work with your schedule, contact us to schedule your private beginners classes for just $99.

NOTE:  These classes simply skim the surface of teaching with light weight to reinforce movement patterns and allow us to get to know athletes better.  Our athletes truly grow legs in classes and gain confidence with each passing day, which is why CrossFit is a lifestyle you will want to make a full commitment to (3+ days of classes a week).  

Course length:
60 minutes

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Spark Fitness & Tennis Club. Andover MA. Spark Fitness Icon

We welcome everyone to Andover CrossFit.

If you are looking to dropping in please find Spark Fitness & Tennis on MindBody and pick the class you would like to attend. Drop in price is $20/class.

If you plan on visiting for more than one class in a given week, please drop us a line here.

Visit the front desk to get set up with our Out Of Town Guest pass of $20 your first day and then every day after that is $10 with a cap of $50 on the week.

If you are looking for a new gym, we welcome you to come try Andover CrossFit
free for a week as our guest. Please contact us HERE.

Include Punch Card | 10 classes $175

Fast Track CrossFit for Beginners 1v1 ($99):
Can’t make the small group session due to schedule? No problem. We’ve got you covered by giving new CrossFit athletes the option to tailoring their schedule or need individual attention to better hone in on specific scaled options that suit their lifestyle. Beginners will meet with a coach for 3-4 on ramp training sessions. After all sessions are complete, athletes will be ready for regular scheduled classes.

3-4 private sessions and a 30-min trainer follow-up 1 month after completion.

Course length:
60 minutes

Included in this option is a post-course 30-minute follow-up that gives athletes the opportunity to talk with a professional to set goals and determine how best to reach them or get further guidance and coaching.

*Additional Cost to regular membership. Contact us to get started today.

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Spark Fitness & Tennis Club. Andover MA. Spark Fitness Icon
KELLI VOSSLERDirector of Fitness
Kelli has spent close to a decade immersed in the elite girls ice hockey scene where she coached on ice while specializing in the off ice component of the game. She pledges to stimulate positive change by inspiring individuals to be the best version of themselves.
COLETTE CASEYLead Performance Coach
Help people face their fears. Facilitate healthy movement, sweating, high fives, smiling, relationships, life lessons and human growth. Colette has a passion for seeing young athletes succeed.
Don’t be fooled by my signature dance moves or my developing stand-up routine, I take your fitness very seriously.
NICOLE CADORETTEPerformance/CrossFit Coach
My passion is people. And I love helping people achieve their goals.
The driving force behind my coaching is to get people to enjoy training and fitness and do so in a safe and healthy way.
My desire to coach and make people better at what they are passionate about outgrew my desire to work within my field.

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