What you get out of Camp:

  • Gain awareness around what you are eating, and why… with the support and guidance of a professional and caring coach.
  • Build muscle and lose fat as you take advantage of unlimited access to all of SPARK’s classes and coaches.
  • Gain energy and reduce cravings by learning to make meals that are “nourishing and satisfying”.
  • Explore how to integrate variety and excitement into your nutrition and fitness routines. 
  • Participate in weekly seminars to learn the science of food, hormones, sleep, and stress–this is the foundation you will build off of as you continue your success after Camp ends..
  • Work with your coach to formulate goals that will inspire and motivate you. Then build habits to achieve them in a way that fits into your lifestyle.
  • Become exposed to strategies that will increase resilience to stress, to enhance overall wellbeing inside and outside of the gym.
  • Make connections with other “campers” who are as motivated and driven as you to increase accountability and fun!
  • Finally learn the secret of how to hit the sweet-spot of avocado ripeness (AKA life’s greatest question).

Next Session starts January 9th!

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