Aaron Bryant | Zumba Instructor

I am a recent graduate of Merrimack College and I am currently pursuing my Masters there in School Counseling.

I love to stay busy with work, but I also like to get outside and go hiking! When I’m not at work or hiking, you will most likely find me at Zumba class! I started actively doing Zumba about two and a half years, and go multiple times a week! I’ve had my Zumba License for a year and it has been amazing! I have met so many wonderful people and it truly has taken me out of my comfort zone! Recently, I received my license to teach Zumba Kids, since I love working with kids, so to be able to use Zumba to have fun and create a stress relieving environment for them is awesome!

Coaching Philosophy:

I truly believe that everyone should try Zumba! One class will not be enough though. The at-mosphere, community, instructor, and attitude will make all the difference! So, keep trying new classes until you find the right fit! If you are moving and having fun, then I am doing my job! Zumba is not only a great exercise for the body, but also for the mind and the soul!

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